- Enter Norton Product key

Now-a-days, surfing over the internet for different purposes like banking, booking tickets, and many more has been becoming one of the trending activities. Although the utilization of net has made the life of the users much better than before, but one could not ignore the other side of it i.e. online threats like phishing attacks, virus attacks, spyware, malware and many more. So, in order to secure the users from becoming a victim of such online threats, Norton have launched its various antivirus software having numerous of advanced features as in-built. Some of the popular Norton Setup is as follows:

  1. Norton Mobile Security
  2. Norton Security Standard
  3. Norton Security Deluxe
  4. Norton Security Premium
  5. Norton Antivirus Basic

To get any of the aforementioned Norton Setup to the users’ device, they need to access the official Norton link as: And they follow a set of three procedures in the same manner as detailed below:

  1. Purchase & Download
  2. Install
  3. Activate

How to Purchase & Download the Norton Setup?

The users could easily purchase the Norton Setup either using the online method or the offline method. In online method, the users require a proper internet connection; a wired internet connection is more preferred. To download the Norton Setup over internet connection, follow the stepwise procedure detailed below:

  1. First of all, launch the web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox being installed to the device.
  2. Enter the link as: within the URL bar of the browser.
  3. Here, move to the “Product” page on the main page, followed by searching the Norton Setup that the users wish to install to their device.
  4. On getting the desired Norton Setup, click the “Buy Now & Download” button displayed just below the name of the product.
  5. Thus, for making the payment of the selected Norton Setup, the users need to sign in to their Norton Account using the credentials associated with it.
  6. Now, make the payment using any of the available modes like Debit/Credit card, PayPal, and many more.
  7. Once the payment has been made successfully on the device, a Norton Setup download link will be sent in the form of email to the email address registered by the purchasing the subscription.
  8. Click this retrieved Norton Setup download link within the email to get the Norton Setup to the device. Thus, the setup will be downloaded to the “Downloads” folder of the system.

If the users wish to purchase the Norton Setup through offline method, then they need to visit the retail stores (nearby). And then, purchase the offline Norton Setup having the CD Pack consisting of the Norton Setup.

How to Install the Norton Setup?

By following the stepwise procedure detailed below, the users could easily install the Norton Setup to their device, easily:

  1. Choose one of the method mentioned below, to access the Norton Setup file on the device:
  2. Visit the device location i.e. “Downloads” folder, where the Norton Setup has been downloaded by the users.
  3. Insert the offline Norton Setup CD pack in to the CD/DVD drive of the device and explore it.
  4. Followed by selecting the Norton Setup file by double-clicking on it.
  5. And then, click the “Yes” button, when prompted.
  6. On the next page, accept the “End User License Agreement” issued by the Symantec Corporations, by tapping the “I Agree” button on it.
  7. After this, follow the instructions displayed on the screen, for further preceding the installation process.
  8. Thus, the process of installing the Norton Setup will get initiated to the device. Wait until the software gets installed to the device.
  9. On completion of process of installation, the users may use it for protect their devices against the online threats.

How to Activate the Norton Setup?

For activating the Norton Setup on the users’ device, they require a 25-character alpha numeric key-code i.e. Norton Product Key. This Norton Setup Product Key is made available to the users in either of the two forms listed below, depending upon the method chosen to purchase the Norton Setup:

  1. If purchased through online method, the Norton Product key comes in the form of encoded text within the mail retrieved to the users’ email address.
  2. If purchased through offline method, the Norton Product Key comes in the form of printed text on the inner circles of the offline Norton Setup CD pack.

The stepwise procedure detailed below will guide the users, path to activate the Norton Setup to their device, easily:

  1. Launch the applications of the Norton Setup on their device, by clicking its icon on the desktop or taskbar.
  2. Here, move to the “Activation” section through the “settings” menu.
  3. Followed by entering the “Norton Product Key” within the space provided to the users.
  4. At last, click the “Activate” button.
  5. Thus, the Norton Setup gets successfully activated on the device.