How to fix ‘Device bolted as a result of SIM card is missing’ in Norton Mobile Security?

It has become difficult to safe and secures the movable with the rise viruses, malware, Trojan and lots of new viruses, within the market. Smartphone house owners ought to additional caution regarding their device. Many times, the user face downside like their phone gets infected or their movable gets purloined, each the manner they lose their confidential knowledge, account details and lots of necessary files.

So, they have to possess trustworthy and powerful total protection antiviruses like Norton Mobile Security, to guard their movable. Among the assorted feature of Norton Mobile Security, SIM Card Lock is one among them. Norton Mobile Security’s SIM Card Lock helps the user by preventing any try at commutation the SIM card and locks it from within if the movable gets purloined. The lock gets unbarred when the user puts the Arcanum and therefore the feature is disabled.

The user could face bound problems just like the SIM card fails to attach to the mobile carrier or there’s no network. Then check once whether the SIM card of that individual movable is inserted, properly and therefore the SIM card is active or not.


Check out the steps as listed below to assist you out, in unlocking the device are-

  1. Open ‘Google Play Store’ on your automaton phone.
  2. You would like to log in together with your correct email ID and word on the Norton Mobile Security websites.
  3. Choose the device that was latched.
  4. The 4-digit word gets displayed on the top-right corner of the Norton Mobile Security websites.
  5. You would like to notice down the given word, somewhere and use that to unlock the latched device.

Please Note- Norton Mobile Security’s SIM Card Lock feature doesn’t work with the dual-SIM mobile phones. In case, you face any problems whereas unlocking your device through SIM Card Lock then be happy to contact Norton Support team to urge eliminate your problems.

In case, you wished to vary the SIM Card Lock setting (Turn on or flip off) then you would like to follow the given steps as listed below-

  1. Open the Norton Mobile Security app on your automaton phone.
  2. Choose the ‘Menu icon Norton Mobile Security’, within the top-left corner.
  3. Click on the choice ‘App Settings’.
  4. Within the ‘Anti-theft’ section that next to ‘SIM Card Lock’, you would like to show on or off, consistent with your alternative. You will even have to be compelled to scroll all the way down to read the SIM Card Lock possibility.

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