How to Set the Norton Parental Supervision on the Android 5.0 Devices?

Now-a-days, the users can without problems create multiple consumer accounts like owner profile account, visitor account, and consumer account on their Android devices 5.0. The principle intention behind creating those separate debts is ‘safety’ from other users making use of the identical device for carrying out their activities. As a result of this, the users end up more involved regarding the protection, if their Android devices are used by their toddler. As a consequence, to offer ease to discern users of the tool, Norton Setup presents the characteristic of parental manage as considered one of its in-built feature inside its product i.e. Norton family.

Through utilizing the feature of Parental manipulation of Norton circle of relatives, the figure users can without problems reveal the online in addition to social networking activities of their baby. But from time to time maintaining or tracking the activities of the child turns into difficult as they might be making use of the owner profile account to login to the tool and as a consequence, the kid users can easily create a new user account for carrying out their online sports. So, the determine customers can without problems prevent their infant from creating the brand new account by following the stairs referred to underneath:

How to Set the Norton Parental Supervision on the Android 5.0 Devices

Step 1: Setting up the PIN or password to the Owner Profile:

  1. First off, release the “settings” utility of the android five.0 device.
  2. Now, faucet the “safety” alternative displayed under the ‘personal’ phase.
  3. After which, click on “lock screen” option inside the “screen protection” phase.
  4. Here, the users can pick out any of the following approach to lock the android device:
  5. Click on “pin” choice and set a four-digit PIN for securing the device thru pin protection.
  6. Faucet the “password” and set a password for presenting the password protection to the android device.

Step 2: Remove the Existing Guest Profile:

  1. First and principal, the customers want to login to the visitor account.
  2. To achieve this, drag-down the notification bar of the android gadgets.
  3. After which, pick the “profile icon” displayed at the higher rightmost corner notification bar, through tapping it doubles.
  4. After this, tap the ‘visitor’ option for switching to the visitor account.
  5. Once more, drag the notification bar on the display screen and then, pick the visitor profile icon by way of tapping on it, double.
  6. On the visitor account a most important pastime, pick the ‘put off visitor’ alternative.
  7. A guest elimination confirmation window can be displayed on the screen. In this window, click on the “get rid of” button for confirming the deletion of the guest account.
  8. After the removal of the guest account, the tool will routinely switch to the proprietor profile account.
  9. Now, again pick the profile icon via dragging the notification bar at the screen.
  10. After which, visit the “more settings” option.
  11. After this, tap the menu icon.
  12. At the menu pastime, unmark the “upload customers whilst device is locked” a good way to stop the child from developing a brand new account.

Step 3: Create a new user profile for child login:

  1. Firstly, tap the profile icon on the notification bar of the device.
  2. And then, tap the “More Settings” icon.
  3. On the Settings activity, click the “Add new user or profile” option.
  4. A confirmation window will appear on the display. On this confirmation window, tap the “Ok” button.
  5. Again second window will be displayed on the device. Here, tap the “Set Up Now” button for creating the space for the child profile.
  6. Now, to proceed towards child profile creation by filling the required details within the child profile creation activity.
  7. After creating the child profile, install the Norton Family software.

(Important Note: If the parent users find problems while installing the Norton Family software to the Android device then, they may call the Norton Customer Support toll-free number.) or Visit

  1. Now, go to the settings application of the device and then, tap the “Users” option.

After this, tap the “Allow phone calls and SMS” so as to give the permission of calling and sending /receiving the SMS to the child users.

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