July 16, 2018


Norton (a subsidiary of Symantec Corporations) is one of the providers as well as the designers of the online security solutions and the anti-malware software for its users executing the devices of variant platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The company has shown their complete dedication to protect the users’ device and data through its products that have been included with various advanced features. Norton.com/setup

Apart from providing the security solutions or Norton setup products, one of its products is Norton Utilities, a software suite that has been designed by the Symantec Corporations to help to analyze, optimize, configure as well as maintain the computer. The Norton Utilities are available in various versions that include NU v1.0, NU v2.0, NU v3.0, and many more. The current version of the Norton utilities is Norton utilities 16 or NU16.

To get the software suite of NU16 Norton Utilities 16the users need to visit the official Norton link as: Norton.com/NU16, followed by performing the three interrelated procedures i.e. download, install, and activate.

Steps to get the NU16:

The below mentioned stepwise procedure will guide the users’ path to get the Norton Utilities 16 or NU16 to their device using its official link as: Norton.com/NU16:

  1. First of all, open the official link as: Norton.com/NU16 using the web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, being installed to the device.
  2. And then, click the download button displayed on the page, followed by singing into the Norton Account using the credentials associated with it.
  3. After this, the users need to make the payment of the using any of the available mode like PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card.
  4. Once the payment process has been completed, successfully, the process of downloading will get initiated to the device.
  5. Thus, by default the .exe file of the NU16 or Norton Utilities 16 will get downloaded to the “Downloads” folder of the device.
  6. Move to the “Downloads” folder, followed by selecting the .exe file of the Norton Utilities 16, by double clicking on it.
  7. And then, tap the “Yes” button, when prompted.
  8. Thus, the NU16 install will get initiated on the device. Wait until the software suite gets successfully installed to the device.

On the completion of the NU16 to the device, the users need to activate it using the corresponding Norton Utility Activation Code. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the user interface of Norton Utility 16 or NU16 on the device.
  2. And then, move to the “Activation Section”, followed by entering the “Norton Utilities Activation Code” within the space offered to the user.
  3. At last, click the “Activate Now” button.
  4. Thus, the software suite gets installed to the device and could be use to maintain the efficiency of the device.

For any help regarding the aforementioned steps to download, install and activate the Norton Utilities 16 to the users’ device, call the Norton Customer Support number, toll-free. The Norton Customer Support is available all round the clock to provide their support services to its users.